What kind of shampoo and conditioner should be used after a Keratin Treatment?

KeraStraight Maintain Shampoo has been developed to ensure you enjoy maximum benefits and longevity from your KeraStraight Treatment.

This gentle shampoo, which can be used daily, is free from the aggressive ingredients sulphate and sodium chloride and contains our exclusive KS Complex to reinforce the seal of the treatment within your hair, providing longer lasting smoothness.

KeraStraight Maintain Conditioner has been developed to support and maximise the longevity of the KeraStraight treatment. KeraStraight Maintain Conditioner has been specifically designed to lightly moisturise the hair via its blend of complex proteins.

KeraStraight Maintain Conditioner contains KS Complex, this creates a protective film which helps repel day to day environmental stress. The low ph of 3.5 locks the hair shaft to protect and prolong the results of your KeraStraight Treatment.

This lightweight rinse has a beautiful, light tropical fragrance.