The relationships that last longer than marriage

Some people tell their hairdresser more than they'd tell their family. And there are those who would travel further for them and on a more regular basis.
It's been reported that a loyalty survey of 2,000 adults found hairdressers are the businesses that customers are most loyal to, with two-thirds of consumers stating that they would continue to go to the same hairdressers, without even thinking of switching to another salon.
"With hairdressers there is a risk of uncertainty and risk when people go to someone new," says consumer psychologist Philip Graves. "They've got to describe how they want their hair cut, and they probably don't know how to do that technically. On the other hand, with someone familiar it feels comforting."
The trauma of ending a relationship with a hairdresser has been well documented. Both the Chicago Tribune and Huffington Post have blogged on the subject.

By Vanessa Barford BBC News Magazine

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