Guylights are the new highlights!

A gent came in with a request on doing a multi coloured petrol guylights tones through his long hair. Mark created a palette of tones from every single colour in the rainbow. A great result from the klinik hairdressing in London

Highlights are not just for our female can also be custom made for the why not try out our "guylights" !? Marks client came in and he had a wish to create a multi tone of colours through his hair. He wanted it to be a petrol fusion of colours and not be too stripy. Mark started by highlighting some parts of the hair in minilights. He then applied 7 different colours in a pattern to pick up on the pre lightened pieces. The colour range was from Colorworx and Fudge, and it was everything from purple, pink to a blue green. It gives real fusion of colours that really merge well together to give that petrol tone finish!