Colour change from light to dark by Leyla

Long coloured blonde hair that has grown out by about 3 inches, coloured into a rich chocolate brown to give a glossy rich finish using L'oreal colours done by Leyla at the klinik hairdressing London

Leylas client came in with coloured blonde hair with a regrowth of about 3 to 4 inches. The hair looked in need of more shine, moisture and a good cut to bring back the bounce! As Leyla had not previously coloured her clients hair she started by pre pigmenting the blonde hair to give it the correct depth for the darker colour to sit on top of. She then applied the required dark brown by L'oreal and applied an all over application richly. She gave it a good trim with long layers throughout and finished off with a bouncy blow dry using the Olivia Garden brushes. A great transformation from light to dark and beautifully healthy looking hair!