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Classic cut bob

Colour added cleverly to this bob to be able to show it or not

Josie from Morito, our neighbour in Exmouth market, has opted for a classic bob cut by Shiki. The colour they have decided on is to use a pre lightener placing it on one side of the parting and then tone it in an ice cool blond. This gives her a block colour but she also has the option to place the parting on the other side and the colour will look differen........clever colouring!

Purple/pink power

Purple/pink finish adds both interest and texture to the shape at the klinik.

Jenni's client is always up for new colours and shapes. This time she has requested a fun multi colour with tones in a purple/ pink base. This not only creates a fun finish it also gives her more texture through the fringe that has a blunt cut finish. At the klinik hairdressing we always like to encourage our clients to have a personal colour finish that will give them an individual finish.

Dip dye / Balayage

Hair has been coloured using baliage technique to create depth to blonde tips.

Our client has always been playing with different colours but never had the dip dye or Balayage colour done. Her natural colour base is a perfect dark brown and using that as a base Anna added three different tones to blend the colour through with the lightest tone at the tips. She was very happy with the result and she can touch it up whenever she feels like it.

Colour Correction

Colour correction from dark to iceblonde in one session, a fantastic colour.

Ever thought about a total hair colour change? Going from dark to light in a colour correction in one session? Thea at the klinik hairdressing has been using her expertise to create this amazing change. The hair was cleansed carefully before using pre lightener to lift to required level. To finish it off she used a toner to achieve a cool ice blonde tone. Our client was amazed by the result and how soft and natural her hair felt.


Christmas opening hours at the klinik

We would like to wish all our clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Our opening hour will be as below over the festive period:

Sat 27th of December 10 - 5 ( Jenni & Valentina)

Mon 29th of December 10 - 6 ( Valentina & Thea )

Tuesday 30th of December 10 - 6 ( Anna & Thea )

Wednesday 31st of December 10 - 6 ( Anna, Thea & Sam )

In  the new year the klinik will reopen as usual at 9 am on Friday the 2nd of January 2015.

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