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Hidden pink!

Pink balayage from blonde roots

A bit of colour always cheers us up! Jenni created this little hidden pink for her client before lockdown. She started by doing highlights throughout and lighter towards the ends. She then applied Guy Tang 9RG as a toner. Manic Panik was used for the pink underneath! Wearing it straight you won’t really see it but on the photos here, Jenni waved it using GHD irons to create a textured look and show the pink!

Add your name to our waiting list!

Poster saying Add your name to our waiting list at the klinik salon

As it looks like we are in this for the long run we would suggest you put your future hair appointment on our waiting list! Just send us a message of what you would like to have done and by which stylist and we will contact you to arrange your appointment as soon as we get the go ahead to open! In the meanwhile we are always here to answer any hair related questions you might have during this lockdown!

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Mullet time!

Mullet Haircut at the klinik salon London

When Anna’s client comes in she is always up for a change! Post lockdown hair means it’s longer then her usual shape, so we thought we do a cheeky mullet! Loving the messy short layers around her face that gradually fades into the longer neckline! Fun cut for the last client of the day!