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Great news today! April......here we come!

Blue poster with April date for opening of hairsalons in UK

We are so happy and excited we have been given a date of the 12th of April to open up!
Springtime = Springhair
We will be cautious and await until mid March to start to book all our clients in, just in case the government will push back this date for any reason.
In the meanwhile I want to thank you all for your ongoing support and being patient with us!
Please add your name to our waiting list in the meanwhile.
Our online booking system will restart after we have booked in all our clients on our waiting list first.

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A birdseye view from 1958!

Exmouth Market in black and white from 1958

Back in time from 1958, this is what the klinik site looked like! Not sure who occupied it this time, but from history there has been everything from a butcher, grocery shop, jewellery and florist to mention a few! And now us! If anyone out there knows any more about the history of 28 Exmouth market please share!

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